British Exit Could Mean UK Environm...

According to RSPB and National Trust believe that Britain’s membership to the European Union is helping the environment cope with damages. Both partie...

Iran Wakes Up To Lifted Sanctions

With almost a decade under their belt economically sanctioned and isolated from the Western economy and the world, Iran wakes up on Sunday opening its...

Nothing To Do On A New Year? Comet ... Staff Writers tell anybody who had a telescope as a Christmas gift or have a telescope and nothing to do this New Year's after watching...

The Impact of A Higher Limitation F...

Chancellor George Osborne proposed to increase from £1000 to £5000 the small claims court limit to accommodate all soft tissue "minor" personal injury...

British Exit Could Mean UK Environment Damage

According to RSPB and National Trust believe that Britain’s membership to the European Union is helping the environment cope with damages. Both parties have said that the UK’s exit could mean damages due to lack of support in the preservation of quality of Britain’s beaches, waters, rivers and air.

“The case is clear: we will be better able to protect the quality of Britain’s environment if we stay in Europe,” according to the groups in a letter addressed to environment secretary Liz Truss.

“Britain’s membership of the EU has had a hugely positive effect on the quality of Britain’s beaches, our water and rivers, our air and many of our rarest birds, plants and animals and their habitats,” the 13 experts wrote.

“Being part of the union has enabled us to coordinate action and agree policies that have improved our quality of life, including the air we breathe, the seas we fish in, and have protected the wildlife which crosses national boundaries. Higher European manufacturing standards for cars, lights and household appliances have lowered consumer energy costs, and stimulated business innovation.”

It is possible the UK may retain its existing commitments to environmental protection. However, it can be a crucial danger. The “no” vote is campaigning for mostly the destruction of renewable energy technology

UKIP Nigel Farage had rallied against windfarms while former Chancellor Nigel Lawson is campaigning against the dangers of the climate as overrated.

Iran Wakes Up To Lifted Sanctions

With almost a decade under their belt economically sanctioned and isolated from the Western economy and the world, Iran wakes up on Sunday opening its doors to the world market.

After a few hours as Iran and the United States swapped prisoners, Iran is welcome to release its oil into the market. It also welcomed about $100 billion of frozen assets from the world market as investigators finished the inspection of dismantled nuclear programs as required by the UN agreement.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said “Iran has undertaken significant steps that many people — and I do mean many — doubted would ever come to pass.”

The US called for the release of Iran’s US prisoners, including a Washington Post reporter and Tehran researcher who were unjustly detained as Kerry said.

News reports said Iran’s agreement to the dismantling of its nuclear program stems not only from its inclusion in the world market and a rest from its economic sanctions, but also due to the presence of a deterrent developed by both the US and Israel.

No details of the prisoner exchange have been published. However, many noted the advantage of the one and a half decade of freezing Iran’s ambitions will help simplify the US’ continuing complicated relationship with the Middle East.

Nothing To Do On A New Year? Comet Hunting Is Advisable Staff Writers tell anybody who had a telescope as a Christmas gift or have a telescope and nothing to do this New Year’s after watching the fireworks to aim their sights up the sky.

Comet Catalina is currently circling Europe and will arrive shortly in the pre-dawn skies before it travels out into space once again. NASA can track Catalina’s movements accurately through the Catalina Sky Survey from the University of Arizona in Tucson. Astronomers believe Catalina to have been born in the icy bodies in the Oort Cloud.

Catalina, which first visited the Solar System in 2013, is about to slingshot itself out of the system.

As the pre-dawn sky has no matters in wind and weather, Europeans will have the best opportunity to see the faint tail of the comet. In some areas of Europe, the waning moon may disrupt observation hugely.

Long-range telescopes can see details of the comet. However, binoculars themselves can see faintly the light of the comet. Observers are advised to locate the Big Dipper as NASA predicts the comet would pass the constellation as it heads out from our Solar System.

The Impact of A Higher Limitation For Small Claims Court For Personal Injuries

Chancellor George Osborne proposed to increase from £1000 to £5000 the small claims court limit to accommodate all soft tissue “minor” personal injury claims in car accidents. The Chancellor intends to lower the number of exaggerated motor accident injuries in the United Kingdom. However, many condemned the plan as it gave insurers more power than ever against victims.

According to the Select Transport Committee, the Chancellor only consulted with insurers and not with the commonfolk.

The Law Society said that using a lawyer to act for you does not guarantee an expenses recoup from the insurer except if you should pay them at an amount for 25 per cent from your compensation. This makes it unlikely for victims to receive support for their trouble.

Law Society President Jonathan Smithers said:

“This is a fivefold increase in the present level of cases currently within the small claims procedure, benefiting those who have negligently harmed people and will result in more people trying to work their way through a complex court system without any legal advice.

“People recovering from their injuries will have to bring claims as litigants in person (without any legal advice) and this can be very unfair because those defending the claims can often afford to pay for legal advice.

“This therefore undermines ordinary people’s ability to access justice. Especially if defendants simply deny liability forcing people to fight through the courts without legal help,” he added.

China’s IVF Demand Rises As Two-Child Policy Flourishes

China’s strict IVF market regulation has become stricter following the abolishing of the one-child policy as authorities predict a high demand for IVF procedures. Private firms operating IVF clinics in the country said IVF’s advanced procedures and techniques are still used in most procedural requests wherein they rid of documentation regarding the use of advanced techniques.

Meanwhile, those who do not intend to break the law leave the country and use IVF services in other countries who are open to advanced procedures such as gender selection.

These countries include the United States, China, Thailand, Vietnman and Australia. The Monash IVF Group and Virtus Health, all based in Australia, report about 30-40 per cent of their clients come from China

IVF procedures in China require birth licenses, proof of marriage and authorities will only permit one child born from the IVF procedure.

The high demand is possibly due to the withering health of most married couples in China. Aside from old age, pollution and weaker immune systems increase a baby’s mortality rate in the country.

Meanwhile, medical service analysts worldwide said improving Chinese clinician’s skill to treat the patients is a big, helpful area. Cook Medical’s Global Director of Training Jason Spittle said China is to become the world’s IVF leader in the next couple of years.

Investigators Looking For Salah Abdeslam and Others Possibly Responsible for Paris Attacks

With almost 132 people killed in the coordinated Paris attacks, France declares itself in a state of emergency. Investigators worldwide are on a manhunt for Salah Abdeslam, a possible main suspect behind the Paris bombings.

It was highly suspected after one of his brothers have died after detonating a suicide belt.

Witnesses said Abdeslam had rented a VW Polo car near the Bataclan concert hall, the largest death toll the attack had with 89 people dead. Near the Belgian border, police stopped his vehicle, questioned his identity along with the two men he was travelling with. He was released shortly thereafter.

Seven Arrests

Belgian authorities report tracing seven more individuals connected to the bombing fray. According to Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, a crackdown on Molenbeek, Belgium’s haven for Jihadists, was underway.

“I have noticed there is almost always a link to Molenbeek, that there is a gigantic problem there.

An Act Of War

According to French President Francois Hollande, the attacks were an act of war and he said France’s reaction would be “pitiless”.

About 10 fighter jets operating from French Bases in Jordan and the UAE dropped 20 bombs on Syrian Islamic State targets according to the French defence ministry. The targets hit included a command, recruitment, munitions depot and a training camp for IS fighters.

Voyager To Send Signals To Aliens In Outer Space

In September 5, 1977, Voyager 1 left the Earth to travel to different parts of the solar system. Its parts, durable and capable, continue to wander and show the Earth everything its sensors had recorded.

A Facebook campaign intends to have Voyager 1 send a message to our possible distant relatives in other galaxies or universes through its facilities. As the first spacecraft ever to make it out into interstellar space, Voyager 1 will lose power.

Urging People To Contribute To 1,000 Word Message

The campaign says:

“Over 40 years after leaving Earth this spacecraft named Voyager had broken into interstellar space, 20 billion kilometers from its home planet, & was still powered & collecting useful data.”

“During this time our society had changed significantly, its population doubling to over 7 billion, & the challenges of living sustainably & peacefully together had grown more urgent.”

“Our technologies had also become increasingly digital, raising our computing capability, pushing the frontiers of our knowledge faster & accelerating our development as a single, interconnected global civilization; with all the advantages and problems that this brings.”

“With onboard power dwindling, the uploading of this message is one of the last contacts we will have with this spacecraft. We hope that one day, in finding our Voyager, you will know of our existence & our desire, like yours, to explore & better understand this Universe we have shared with you.”

“With peace & hope from the people of planet Earth.”

The campaign had urged individuals to contribute messages to the campaign no longer than 1,000 characters.

Expert Advice

Renowned theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author Professor Stephen Hawking fears the dire consequences of contacting aliens who may be more intelligent and advanced than the human race.

He compared the situation to when the American Indian when Europe discovered the New World wherein the American Indians ended up in war against the colonists.

Study Shows How Current Carbon Emissions Could Risk Losing Most Antarctic Ice

We’ve heard so many studies fall on deaf ears that by 2020, the world’s low-lying islands would be eaten by oceans due to increased melting of polar caps in the arctic oceans. This would mean that our sons and daughters could be living on top of waters along with their children, making the reality of the low budget movie Waterworld actually become true.

But when fiction meets fact, such as global warming transforming global coastlines and environments changing economies, that’s a bad thing.

A study is there again to warn us of that irreversible melting of the polar caps if we keep on politicking our way to bigger resources.

2020’s Ice Apocalypse

Researchers simulated huge chunks of Antarctica’s ice sliding into sea. The melt increases the world’s sea levels. This would increase storm fierceness and frequencies. Meteorologists will be at a loss finding the next cyclone or tornado in different parts of the world.

Significant cuts to global emissions, not just imposing violations. A complete halt to greenhouse gas production from cattle to machines is required, according to the Victoria University’s Antarctic Research Center researchers led by Nicholas Golledge.

Massive Sea Rise

Carbon Dioxide is a gas that remains in the atmosphere for a great length of time. Further production of greenhouse gases would mean it can stay for decades and will continue to build up until the world warms up and melts the Antarctic caps completely.

Russia Poised To Issue More Air Strikes. Iran and Hezbollah To Handle Ground Assault

Without any agreement, Russian Air Strikes will have a ground arm; the might of the Iranian military and Hezbollah forces to help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reclaim territories lost to rebels in Syria.

Russia had launched multiple air strikes against Syrian cities including Jisr al-Shughour. According to Russian intelligence, a command centre and several IS key structures airstrikes destroyed during the first attack. Several observers on the ground claimed Russian airstrikes did not target rebel targets and said the possibility of civilian casualties were high.

Russia did not discriminate its attacks between rebels and the IS. Saudi Arabia, enraged with Russia’s actions, had fiercely called on Russia to cease its air strikes.

Siding with Saudi Arabia, the United States said air attack confusion could mean confrontations between Russian and American aircraft. Some US officials claimed that Russia attacked non-rebel and IS locations. They also said Russia was counter-productive in trying to protect Assad from being overthrown while fighting the Islamic State.

Syria is one of Russia’s partners in the Middle East. Aside from a fruitful weapons and arms sale relationship, Syria also represents Russian interests in the Middle East.

Studies Show Scotland May Become Poorer Under Devolved Powers

Scotland’s new devolved powers may make the country poorer than before the independence referendum according to Sir Tom Hunter’s commissioned study.

But if Scotland left the UK, it would have a £7b financial deficit due to the current collapse in oil prices that could increase the national debt in such a scenario. The UK government has a responsibility to guarantee the growth of Scotland through maximum devolution powers, one which Prime Minister David Cameron failed to honour.

The new bill will place new responsibilities against the Scottish government, which would leave Scotland less money in the process.

Sir Tom said in the report:

“Scotland may well be worse off economically” as a result of the changes. “Whilst conferring new powers so we can look after our own policies, there is no new money in the pot and unless magic powers are to be deployed, the new funds require administering – so costs, not savings, will be the order of the day.”

The collapsing oil prices will be Scotland’s biggest threat as it would need to borrow from other countries, including its former partner the UK.

Sir Tom added that only full economic powers. Several key powers are left in the hands of the UK government and if not transferred to Scotland, will not guarantee a growing, positive future for the supposedly-separated country.