Investigators Looking For Salah Abd...

With almost 132 people killed in the coordinated Paris attacks, France declares itself in a state of emergency. Investigators worldwide are on a manhu...

Voyager To Send Signals To Aliens I...

In September 5, 1977, Voyager 1 left the Earth to travel to different parts of the solar system. Its parts, durable and capable, continue to wander an...

Study Shows How Current Carbon Emis...

We've heard so many studies fall on deaf ears that by 2020, the world's low-lying islands would be eaten by oceans due to increased melting of polar c...

Russia Poised To Issue More Air Str...

Without any agreement, Russian Air Strikes will have a ground arm; the might of the Iranian military and Hezbollah forces to help Syrian President Bas...

Investigators Looking For Salah Abdeslam and Others Possibly Responsible for Paris Attacks

With almost 132 people killed in the coordinated Paris attacks, France declares itself in a state of emergency. Investigators worldwide are on a manhunt for Salah Abdeslam, a possible main suspect behind the Paris bombings.

It was highly suspected after one of his brothers have died after detonating a suicide belt.

Witnesses said Abdeslam had rented a VW Polo car near the Bataclan concert hall, the largest death toll the attack had with 89 people dead. Near the Belgian border, police stopped his vehicle, questioned his identity along with the two men he was travelling with. He was released shortly thereafter.

Seven Arrests

Belgian authorities report tracing seven more individuals connected to the bombing fray. According to Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, a crackdown on Molenbeek, Belgium’s haven for Jihadists, was underway.

“I have noticed there is almost always a link to Molenbeek, that there is a gigantic problem there.

An Act Of War

According to French President Francois Hollande, the attacks were an act of war and he said France’s reaction would be “pitiless”.

About 10 fighter jets operating from French Bases in Jordan and the UAE dropped 20 bombs on Syrian Islamic State targets according to the French defence ministry. The targets hit included a command, recruitment, munitions depot and a training camp for IS fighters.

Voyager To Send Signals To Aliens In Outer Space

In September 5, 1977, Voyager 1 left the Earth to travel to different parts of the solar system. Its parts, durable and capable, continue to wander and show the Earth everything its sensors had recorded.

A Facebook campaign intends to have Voyager 1 send a message to our possible distant relatives in other galaxies or universes through its facilities. As the first spacecraft ever to make it out into interstellar space, Voyager 1 will lose power.

Urging People To Contribute To 1,000 Word Message

The campaign says:

“Over 40 years after leaving Earth this spacecraft named Voyager had broken into interstellar space, 20 billion kilometers from its home planet, & was still powered & collecting useful data.”

“During this time our society had changed significantly, its population doubling to over 7 billion, & the challenges of living sustainably & peacefully together had grown more urgent.”

“Our technologies had also become increasingly digital, raising our computing capability, pushing the frontiers of our knowledge faster & accelerating our development as a single, interconnected global civilization; with all the advantages and problems that this brings.”

“With onboard power dwindling, the uploading of this message is one of the last contacts we will have with this spacecraft. We hope that one day, in finding our Voyager, you will know of our existence & our desire, like yours, to explore & better understand this Universe we have shared with you.”

“With peace & hope from the people of planet Earth.”

The campaign had urged individuals to contribute messages to the campaign no longer than 1,000 characters.

Expert Advice

Renowned theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author Professor Stephen Hawking fears the dire consequences of contacting aliens who may be more intelligent and advanced than the human race.

He compared the situation to when the American Indian when Europe discovered the New World wherein the American Indians ended up in war against the colonists.

Study Shows How Current Carbon Emissions Could Risk Losing Most Antarctic Ice

We’ve heard so many studies fall on deaf ears that by 2020, the world’s low-lying islands would be eaten by oceans due to increased melting of polar caps in the arctic oceans. This would mean that our sons and daughters could be living on top of waters along with their children, making the reality of the low budget movie Waterworld actually become true.

But when fiction meets fact, such as global warming transforming global coastlines and environments changing economies, that’s a bad thing.

A study is there again to warn us of that irreversible melting of the polar caps if we keep on politicking our way to bigger resources.

2020’s Ice Apocalypse

Researchers simulated huge chunks of Antarctica’s ice sliding into sea. The melt increases the world’s sea levels. This would increase storm fierceness and frequencies. Meteorologists will be at a loss finding the next cyclone or tornado in different parts of the world.

Significant cuts to global emissions, not just imposing violations. A complete halt to greenhouse gas production from cattle to machines is required, according to the Victoria University’s Antarctic Research Center researchers led by Nicholas Golledge.

Massive Sea Rise

Carbon Dioxide is a gas that remains in the atmosphere for a great length of time. Further production of greenhouse gases would mean it can stay for decades and will continue to build up until the world warms up and melts the Antarctic caps completely.

Russia Poised To Issue More Air Strikes. Iran and Hezbollah To Handle Ground Assault

Without any agreement, Russian Air Strikes will have a ground arm; the might of the Iranian military and Hezbollah forces to help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reclaim territories lost to rebels in Syria.

Russia had launched multiple air strikes against Syrian cities including Jisr al-Shughour. According to Russian intelligence, a command centre and several IS key structures airstrikes destroyed during the first attack. Several observers on the ground claimed Russian airstrikes did not target rebel targets and said the possibility of civilian casualties were high.

Russia did not discriminate its attacks between rebels and the IS. Saudi Arabia, enraged with Russia’s actions, had fiercely called on Russia to cease its air strikes.

Siding with Saudi Arabia, the United States said air attack confusion could mean confrontations between Russian and American aircraft. Some US officials claimed that Russia attacked non-rebel and IS locations. They also said Russia was counter-productive in trying to protect Assad from being overthrown while fighting the Islamic State.

Syria is one of Russia’s partners in the Middle East. Aside from a fruitful weapons and arms sale relationship, Syria also represents Russian interests in the Middle East.

Studies Show Scotland May Become Poorer Under Devolved Powers

Scotland’s new devolved powers may make the country poorer than before the independence referendum according to Sir Tom Hunter’s commissioned study.

But if Scotland left the UK, it would have a £7b financial deficit due to the current collapse in oil prices that could increase the national debt in such a scenario. The UK government has a responsibility to guarantee the growth of Scotland through maximum devolution powers, one which Prime Minister David Cameron failed to honour.

The new bill will place new responsibilities against the Scottish government, which would leave Scotland less money in the process.

Sir Tom said in the report:

“Scotland may well be worse off economically” as a result of the changes. “Whilst conferring new powers so we can look after our own policies, there is no new money in the pot and unless magic powers are to be deployed, the new funds require administering – so costs, not savings, will be the order of the day.”

The collapsing oil prices will be Scotland’s biggest threat as it would need to borrow from other countries, including its former partner the UK.

Sir Tom added that only full economic powers. Several key powers are left in the hands of the UK government and if not transferred to Scotland, will not guarantee a growing, positive future for the supposedly-separated country.

UK Sperm Bank Only Has Nine Registered Donors

In what may seem a hilarious report, UK’s sperm bank only has nine registered sperm donors, according to Chief Executive Laura Witjens. She intends to use a successful marketing strategy in Denmark that would prompt many to donate their sperm.

Witjens said the bank will launch the drive to recruit new donors later in September. Post-marketing, Denmark’s sperm banks have improved.

Denmark’s advertisement circulated the idea that sperm banks focus on the Viking invasion, stating that men who donate their sperm are at the forefront of modern world domination.

The UK’s national sperm bank was funded with £77,000 and was set up by the National Gamete Donation Trust and Birmingham Women’s hospital. The partnership and project intends to combat the shortage of male donors to sperm banks in the United Kingdom.

Anonymity rules for sperm donors in the United Kingdom changed in 2005 to allow any child born after the year to trace their biological fathers when they turned 18. The new rules may be one of the reasons most men would refuse to donate sperm. No case has been brought forward to the new rules as the first case may only be heard at the year 2023.

Witjens said the “superhuman” theme of the promotional campaign the UK sperm bank included many truths, which indicated donors must have an ideal and strong sperm have the best chance of surviving the freezing and thawing process. This is also the case why the sperm bank has very few donors

The most recent figures from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority from 2013 indicates an increase of more than 20% in the number of same-sex couples receiving donor insemination.

Twenty-one Killed in Bangkok Explosion

An explosion close to Erawan Shrine kills 21 people and three foreigners and leaves 81 injured as media focuses its sights on the latest developments of the Bangkok Explosion.

The Erawan Shrine at Ratchaprasong, a shopping centre and intersection in the Pathum Wan district of Bangkok Thailand was the target of the explosion. Initial reports indicate that two people died right after the exploision happened in the Central Chidlom District.

Chaos had consumed the entire district, which soon erupted everywhere in the Ratchaprasong area near the Erawan Shrine. Locals described that there were body parts scattered everywhere right after the explosion.

According to police, the perpetrators have used a motorcycle bomb set off at the intersection.

Local authorities said the attacks are almost exclusively in the south of Bangkok and these have never reached tourist areas. Local residents said that it was awful and injuries were catastrophic. The attack was a specifically targeted attack, namely the sacred shrine.

The Erawan Shrine houses a statue of Thailand’s physical interpretation of the Hindu God Brahma. It is a popular tourist attraction and features performances by local Thai dance troupes as tribute and testament to their fate.

According to authorities, at least one Chinese national and one Filipino citizen had been killed in the blast. However, the intentions of the blast were not yet clear. No group has claimed responsibility and the attacks do not match the tactics of separatist rebels.

Claims for PPI

Claims for PPI compensation, continued to pour in between September and July, scuppering banks’ expectations the rate of grievances would abate considerably through the 2nd half. Lloyds, which was the first of the big four banks to report third quarter results on last Tuesday, had by far the largest share of the PPI market, has now allocated a total of £11.3bn for settlement. The sizeable new top-ups may revive calls to impose a deadline on PPI claims, which will call for a time limit on consumers to submit settlement claims.
The FOS currently handles the bulk of PPI complaints, but Neale said that FSCS, which handles 16,000 of these complaints following an estimated increase of 20% in the income of complaints. Neale said that he might not be able to tell how long or the peak of the number of PPI complaints the UK can have, but he said that the FSCS sees a fairly normal distribution curve throughout the years. PPI is designed to protect consumers from late repayments in case of accidents, sickness or unemployment. However, due to abusive sales methods, bank employee’s miss sold consumers who had no use or were ineligible for the insurance policy. At least £13 had been returned to consumers since 2008.
Observers note that the sharp increase in complaints, as indicated by the Financial Ombudsman, will also skyrocket administrative fees for the banks and financial institutions. Without an ending in sight, observers said that the PPI bill could reach further from £20 billion in the following year alone. The Financial Ombudsman had recently received its one-millionth PPI complaint and had reported that it received more than 265,000 PPI complaints in the first two quarters of 2013. However, the Financial Conduct Authority suggested that a drop in PPI complaints is to be expected in the last two quarters of 2013 and decreasing further in 2014.
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UK’s Lack Of Sun May Cause Vitamin D Deficiency

Official Health Advisers said in draft recommendations that Vitamin D intake must be increased to counteract the lack of sunlight in the United Kingdom.

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition said at-risk groups including pregnant women, young children, retiring adults, people with darker skin and indoor-only people need to expose their skin to sunlight or else take a Vitamin D supplement.

While the recommendation is still a draft, it could affect the entire UK population.

Vitamin D has a link that helps avoid musculoskeletal troubles, heart diseases, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Barts and London School of Medicine Vitamin D Expert Dr. Adrian Martineau said the advice is a refreshing “sea change”. However, he warns that amount of sunlight and the personal effect it carries varies depending on location. The presence of Ultraviolet rays also pose a significant threat during different times of the day.

He praised the SACN for finally bringing up the UK’s problem with the lack of sunshine.

A Vitamin D deficiency could cause rickets in children. For adults, it could cause osteomalacia, a disease deteriorating bone density and mass, making movement weak and painful.

Consuming supplements and having a diet of oily fish and eggs is key to having a regular intake of Vitamin D without sunshine.

NASA Successfully Captures A Photograph of Pluto’s Surface

NASA’s space vessel New Horizons had confirmed that it is fully functioning and transmitted information back to Earth after travelling for nine and a half years. The vessel had taken a photo of the farthest planet in the Solar System. It is considered an “Apollo Moment” by the press as it has pushed yet again mankind’s craving for exploring the solar system and the universe.

Scientists first discovered Pluto 85 years ago. Due to its distance, it was yet to know more about the planet. NASA confirmed New Horizons to be functioning and it had completed its lengthy tour throughout the solar system.

The project, costing about $720 million, will have the probe never to return to earth. However, its achievement marks a new era for space exploration. Mission scientists believe the achievement of New Horizons will mean the golden age of the space program.

The vessel had captured photos of Pluto and Charon, its satellite. NASA has posted a preview of the photos in its Instagram page. The planet has a smooth appearance and some ragged edges. Pluto has an atmosphere composed of frozen gases, nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide.

The New Horizons was launched in 2006 and was to complete humanity’s first look at the solar system’s original nine planets. The observation of Pluto will yield more answers to the solar system’s formation and history.