Elon Musk Has An AI Gym

Trekking into the realm of artificial intelligence has been condemned by the world's most prominent intellectuals, including renowned physicist Stephe...

Leaving EU Would Leave Environment ...

According to the Chair of the Environmental Audit Select Committee Mary Creagh, the UK's legal bounds for environmental protection would shatter once ...

The One Possible Cure For Cancer An...

The possible cure for cancer might not be a drug. It could be a computer code. Researchers at MIT proved that 'hacking' or re-programming cells ...

Cybercrime Against Steam Growing In...

PC gamers can be anybody. It can be a senior officer from a bank or a government office worker. But PC gamers invested money in their accounts and the...

Elon Musk Has An AI Gym

Trekking into the realm of artificial intelligence has been condemned by the world’s most prominent intellectuals, including renowned physicist Stephen Hawking.

But Elon Musk, the tycoon who had brought an efficient electric car and exploring the possibility of cheaper travel methods for space exploration through his companies Tesla and SpaceX, has his own AI “gym” called OpenAI.

OpenAI is a “gym” for computer programmers to help train their robots. Developers then share their findings on artificial intelligence systems as they find successes.

The “gym” is a non-profit drive by Elon Musk. Recognizing the dangers of un-monitored and destructive potential presented by wrongly-implemented artificial intelligence, Musk decided to open his “gym” to help innovators find themselves towards the proper path for artificial intelligence.

Musk does not condemn artificial intelligence according to Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy.

“The irony is that Musk needs much-improved AI to make his businesses automated. He doesn’t hate AI. He just thinks it should be controlled before it gets too powerful and the machines turn on humans.”

OpenAI is a series of labs for artificial intelligence algorithms testing for the non-profit’s own research database. The exercises include robot simulations, games, developing motor control and decision making skills of the artificial intelligence.

“Long-term, we want this curation to be a community effort rather than something owned by us,” Greg Brockman and John Schulman wrote in an OpenAI blog post. “We’ll necessarily have to figure out the details over time, and we’d would love your help in doing so.”

Leaving EU Would Leave Environment At Heavy Risk

According to the Chair of the Environmental Audit Select Committee Mary Creagh, the UK’s legal bounds for environmental protection would shatter once it leaves the European Union.

Creagh said the EU-wide environmental cleanup in the past four decades would create a policy vacuum. It would also end influence over other green regulations.

The UK still has to address its ever-growing carbon footprint. EU environmental regulations allowed it to cap its toxic pollutants, which had caused acid rain, industrial pollution, poor air quality, contaminated land and sewage-filled beaches. This was strictly followed by previous UK governments.

An exit would mean the UK can return to its former act.

“The UK has cleaned up its act: EU laws mean we bathe on cleaner beaches, drive more fuel-efficient cars and can hold the government to account on air pollution. The overwhelming evidence is that EU membership has improved the UK’s approach to the environment and ensured that the UK’s environment has been better protected.”

The National Farmers’ Union has positioned itself to remain in the United Kingdom. It made a stance after the Electoral Commission required the union to take a view. The NFU states that its position is due to its report where it found the exit from the EU would mean lost subsidies for many UK farmers.

According to several high-ranking environmental officials, the Uk’s position in international climate change negotiations would put the UK’s negotiating hand at risk. The EU membership allows the UK more influence climate commitments for all EU members but also to far-reaching areas in China and the United States.

The One Possible Cure For Cancer And Other Ailments Is Now

The possible cure for cancer might not be a drug.

It could be a computer code.

Researchers at MIT proved that ‘hacking’ or re-programming cells to carry out new tasks is possible.

Using a programming language based on Verilog. The latter is used to program computer chips.

The researchers then create a DNA sequence that allows them to insert it into the bacteria.

This allows them to alter the DNA code and the function of the bacteria.

Possible long-term applications for the program may include cells releasing anti-cancer drugs upon encountering a tumour or infected cell.

Another application can be for plants to use insecticide when pests come near.

The ground-breaking research, published in the Science journal, is the biggest contribution to the 15 years bioengineers had tried to re-purpose bacteria, cells and viruses to help cure ailments and provide different functions.

According to Professor Christopher Voigt of Biological Engineering in MIT, one needs no special knowledge of genetic engineering. However, they would need knowledge of some programming.

You could be completely naive as to how any of it works. That’s what’s really different about this,” added Prof Voigt .

“You could be a student in high school and go onto the Web-based server and type out the program you want, and it spits back the DNA sequence.

“Unit now it would take years to build these types of circuits. Now you just hit the button and immediately get a DNA sequence to test.”

Cybercrime Against Steam Growing In Number

PC gamers can be anybody. It can be a senior officer from a bank or a government office worker. But PC gamers invested money in their accounts and their achievements, virtual items and their own game libraries are now a lucrative business.

Thanks to cybercriminals developing malware that collect your personal information, identity theft is apparent in the Steam platform, one of the biggest online and offline gaming platforms in the Internet.

With over 140 million users worldwide, Steam attracts criminals that would dry up their victims of everything they have. If they’re lucky, they’ll even drain them of their actual financial sources.

Criminals across Eastern Europe are watching Steam closely. Hijackers have developed Steam Stealer, several malwares developed for stealing virtual items and everything else from rival gamers. It even comes with different features, specialisations, free upgrades and even user manuals.

A Russian underground forum had developed the source code, which they them can be used by anybody. According to sources, they only cost about $15.

Steam had revealed that about 77,000 accounts monthly are hacked fraudulently by cybercriminals. These include accounts from new to experienced and even professional gamers and contributors.

Jenny Beavan Sneered At For Outrageous Outfit

Despite sneers from directors, producers and other well-dressed individuals in the recent Oscars, second-time Oscar-win for best costume design Jenny Beavan does not have to give a reaction because her win is an ultimately world-class one.

Beavan came to the awards night wearing a leather jacket, a scarf and a necklace. Overall, her tone was ‘rugged’ rather than formal. She said she’d look ridiculous in a gown and much less in formal events.

In a viral video online, Spotlight and The Revenant directors Tom McCarthy and Alejandro Inarritu did not bother to clap for the best costume designer. Her appearance, according to Hollywood observers, appeared disgusting and bemusing.

Beavan would go to the stage to claim her Oscar for best costume designer for Mad Max: Fury Road. The post-apocalyptic movie’s costumes stood out among its competitors, including Carol and The Danish Girl.

Hollywood observers note that Beavan had always been a rulebreaker for clothes. She always comes in clothes she likes to Hollywood’s celebrations. During the Baftas, Steven Fry, a close friend of Beavan, had called her a “bag lady” for wearing a leather jacket and black trousers to the stage.

He was rained fire on Twitter.

Many love and embrace the radical ideas emanating from Beavan. But love or hate, it’s an obvious point to see that Beavan prefers to be who she is, rather than step down to Hollywood’s impossible standards of beauty and grace.

Extra £1bn To Boost Mental Health Services For NHS

An extra £1 billion boost would help people facing mental health troubles for 24 hours a day and seven days of the week. According to an independent taskforce analysing the National Health Service’s troubles recommended boosting funding the area that has been “long-neglected” and “chronically underfunded”.

According to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the UK Government needs to provide the NHS the huge amount before 2020 to cope with the expected large numbers of ageing retirees in five years.

Hunt also said the funding would also need above-inflation cash injections to guarantee the same value of money should the NHS wish to be a significant health services provider in the United Kingdom.

The NHS Mental Health Taskforce for England reported the NHS can transform itself if it would prioritise providing mental health care services seven days a week and providing community-based services for people with severe health troubles needing help closer to their homes.

The report also recognised employment as a “health outcome”, helping the NHS maintain its bigger role in supporting people to help find or keep a job.

Yearly, about one in four UK residents experience mental health problems and the report said that “too many people” have received no help “leading to hundreds of thousands of lives being put on hold or ruined and thousands of tragic and unnecessary deaths.”

British Exit Could Mean UK Environment Damage

According to RSPB and National Trust believe that Britain’s membership to the European Union is helping the environment cope with damages. Both parties have said that the UK’s exit could mean damages due to lack of support in the preservation of quality of Britain’s beaches, waters, rivers and air.

“The case is clear: we will be better able to protect the quality of Britain’s environment if we stay in Europe,” according to the groups in a letter addressed to environment secretary Liz Truss.

“Britain’s membership of the EU has had a hugely positive effect on the quality of Britain’s beaches, our water and rivers, our air and many of our rarest birds, plants and animals and their habitats,” the 13 experts wrote.

“Being part of the union has enabled us to coordinate action and agree policies that have improved our quality of life, including the air we breathe, the seas we fish in, and have protected the wildlife which crosses national boundaries. Higher European manufacturing standards for cars, lights and household appliances have lowered consumer energy costs, and stimulated business innovation.”

It is possible the UK may retain its existing commitments to environmental protection. However, it can be a crucial danger. The “no” vote is campaigning for mostly the destruction of renewable energy technology

UKIP Nigel Farage had rallied against windfarms while former Chancellor Nigel Lawson is campaigning against the dangers of the climate as overrated.

Iran Wakes Up To Lifted Sanctions

With almost a decade under their belt economically sanctioned and isolated from the Western economy and the world, Iran wakes up on Sunday opening its doors to the world market.

After a few hours as Iran and the United States swapped prisoners, Iran is welcome to release its oil into the market. It also welcomed about $100 billion of frozen assets from the world market as investigators finished the inspection of dismantled nuclear programs as required by the UN agreement.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said “Iran has undertaken significant steps that many people — and I do mean many — doubted would ever come to pass.”

The US called for the release of Iran’s US prisoners, including a Washington Post reporter and Tehran researcher who were unjustly detained as Kerry said.

News reports said Iran’s agreement to the dismantling of its nuclear program stems not only from its inclusion in the world market and a rest from its economic sanctions, but also due to the presence of a deterrent developed by both the US and Israel.

No details of the prisoner exchange have been published. However, many noted the advantage of the one and a half decade of freezing Iran’s ambitions will help simplify the US’ continuing complicated relationship with the Middle East.

Nothing To Do On A New Year? Comet Hunting Is Advisable

SpaceDaily.com Staff Writers tell anybody who had a telescope as a Christmas gift or have a telescope and nothing to do this New Year’s after watching the fireworks to aim their sights up the sky.

Comet Catalina is currently circling Europe and will arrive shortly in the pre-dawn skies before it travels out into space once again. NASA can track Catalina’s movements accurately through the Catalina Sky Survey from the University of Arizona in Tucson. Astronomers believe Catalina to have been born in the icy bodies in the Oort Cloud.

Catalina, which first visited the Solar System in 2013, is about to slingshot itself out of the system.

As the pre-dawn sky has no matters in wind and weather, Europeans will have the best opportunity to see the faint tail of the comet. In some areas of Europe, the waning moon may disrupt observation hugely.

Long-range telescopes can see details of the comet. However, binoculars themselves can see faintly the light of the comet. Observers are advised to locate the Big Dipper as NASA predicts the comet would pass the constellation as it heads out from our Solar System.

The Impact of A Higher Limitation For Small Claims Court For Personal Injuries

Chancellor George Osborne proposed to increase from £1000 to £5000 the small claims court limit to accommodate all soft tissue “minor” personal injury claims. The Chancellor intends to lower the number of exaggerated motor accident injuries in the United Kingdom. However, many condemned the plan as it gave insurers more power than ever against victims.

According to the Select Transport Committee, the Chancellor only consulted with insurers and not with the commonfolk.

The Law Society said that using a lawyer to act for you does not guarantee an expenses recoup from the insurer except if you should pay them at an amount for 25 per cent from your compensation. This makes it unlikely for victims to receive support for their trouble.

Law Society President Jonathan Smithers said:

“This is a fivefold increase in the present level of cases currently within the small claims procedure, benefiting those who have negligently harmed people and will result in more people trying to work their way through a complex court system without any legal advice.

“People recovering from their injuries will have to bring claims as litigants in person (without any legal advice) and this can be very unfair because those defending the claims can often afford to pay for legal advice.

“This therefore undermines ordinary people’s ability to access justice. Especially if defendants simply deny liability forcing people to fight through the courts without legal help,” he added.