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Window Replacement Project

When the inevitable time comes that your windows need replacing, the first thing to do is to decide whether to purchase a wood or vinyl DIY window replacement. Typically, window replacements can be matched to fit the current look of your home and, best of all, many current products are expected to last for up to 20 years and often are accompanied by a warranty.

When it comes to DIY window replacement installation, it is pertinent that special attention be paid to any small cracks around the window that may be present. If they are there, energy costs may be higher as a result. The reason is because the outside air will be able to enter the home through these cracks, which will cause the heating or air conditioning unit to work harder in order to maintain the home’s temperature. In order to prevent this from occurring, homeowners must carefully inspect each DIY window replacement carefully. The best way to remedy a crack is through the use of caulking and weather stripping, which will help to eliminate the

Garage Floor Epoxy System

The most probable reason for failure is improper surface preparation. The floor must be completely clean and stripped of all other coatings. Any stains or foreign substances (oil, grease, paint, etc.) will prevent adequate bonding between the concrete and epoxy, resulting in chipping and flaking. Most contractors will apply a coat of sealer to a garage floor after installation. It can take several years for the sealer to wear off completely. This sealer must be removed for epoxy to last. Although acid etching is an important step, it will not remove sealer and most stains. Etching will only open up the pores of bare concrete, therefore you must do all cleaning and stripping before etching with acid.

Before purchasing a garage floor epoxy system, you need to first decide if your floor is right for it. If it sweats often or there are areas that are constantly wet, then forget about it. Be sure that you are willing to take the time to prep the floor properly, as this is the most critical part. It

Kitchen With Better Lighting

Overhead Lighting

Many kitchens, and especially older ones, only have one type of lighting or even worse, perhaps only one light! You may be thinking that a big light centered in the middle of the ceiling will serve your need effectively, but it is rarely enough. If you do go with one overhead light, make sure that you plan to incorporate enough reflection to let the light bounce into every part of the room so that it is lit properly..

One thing to consider if you only have room or resources for lighting on the ceiling is track lighting. This type of lighting will allow you to direct the light to specific areas of the kitchen. You can install a light or point a light to each work area as well as your stove and kitchen table. Or, try using track kitchen lighting for the work area and then install additional lighting over the table or island areas.

Counters And Work Areas

Typically, one big light in the middle of the room will be inadequate

Remodeling the Home of My Childhood Dreams

The first few days of home remodeling look like so fun when you watch those home makeover shows on television.  I love the way the wife usually shows up for demo day, ready to tear out the outdated cabinets and shelves with her little hard hat on.  When she starts out with a timid swing, I know that by the end of the segment, she’ll be a beast at it and end up being the first to tear through the wall.  When my turn came to walk into my own home for the first time, I was thrilled.  I also had the worse cramps, in part because of stress associated with being a new home owner.  Waiting through a prolonged closing is not easy, but once those keys hit my hand, I couldn’t get over to my new address fast enough.

I spent hours walking through the halls and rooms of my late 19th century Victorian era house with the Queen Anne cupola on top.  I’d loved it ever since I was a kid and passed it on the way to school each day.  The old couple who lived there used to show me pictures of how

Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

A pattern is usually visible on most utensils and appliances. These are the lines that can be seen easily on the surface. While doing the cleaning work, make sure you constantly clean in the same direction parallel to these lines.

To expel stains & marks you need to utilise warm water, a small amount of gentle cleaner and a delicate fabric to wash the surface. Wash the surface properly with clean water, and then dry well with a towel so water spots won’t show on the utensil.

While cleaning stainless steel to expel fingerprints, you should utilise a glass cleaning solution. Have a look at this homemade solution that can prove to be quite helpful.

Take a 500ml spray bottle, and then add 50mls white vinegar and water in it. Then, use this mixture and spray on the utensils and appliances and wipe off with clean fabric to expel fingerprints.

In case, the above mentioned tips aren’t effective on your utensils and appliances, then you need to use a stainless steel cleaner. Keep in mind to rub in the same direction as the pattern lines. Before utilizing any cleaning solution or product on your stainless items,

DIY Kitchen Makeovers

Having trouble removing old wallpaper in your kitchen? Get a tool called a Paper Tiger that scores the paper, making tiny holes all over. Don’t press too hard with it, though, or you’ll score the wallboard underneath, too. Then spray on a mixture of 3 parts water to 1 part fabric softener on the walls. Let it soak for a few minutes then just peel the paper off. Repeat as required.

When picking a colour for your Corian or Granite countertops, avoid darker solid colours. Dust, food crumbs fingerprints, grease stains, water stains, will all show up more prominently and make frequent cleaning mandatory. Lighter colours, while less dramatic, are more practical.

A good flooring material for the kitchen is porcelain tile with non-slip texturing. You’ll want to use a darker grout colour, which will show less dirt build-up. Porcelain tile holds up well over the years and cleans up easy.

For lighting, you should locate the brightest lights directly over the main countertop area and/or kitchen island. The reason for this is to prevent any shadows on you kitchen work surfaces. Show off those countertops to highlight their beauty. Accent lights can be located

Remove Ceramic Tiles

Before starting a removal job, decide whether you have anything there worth salvaging. It could be that while you want to redecorate the shower stall, that tile would like great on the wall in the laundry room. And it can be used over again, as long as you are careful in removing it. Ceramic tile has lots of compression strength, but very little tensile strength. That means you can put weight on it, but to twist or bend the piece, will likely break it.

First, you’ll need to remove any trim that covers the edges of the tiles. Next, remove all the grout you can between the tiles. They’re glued to your wall or floor, so nothing is going to fall off when you do this. But the grout must be removed, because in attaching them all together, it’s like creating one giant sheet of ceramic, and it will be just as brittle as a single tile. So forcing one tile, can end up breaking a number of them.

Once the grout is cleaned away, take a very thin putty knife and start by working a corner under the edge of one tile. Work along the

Painting Wall Murals

Properly Prepare Your Site for Painting

The first step is to properly prepare your site. Painting wall murals is just like any other painting project. To do it right, pull out the masking tape and drop cloths. Many people also apply a fresh coat of paint to the room before painting wall murals. Use a satin finish or eggshell finish latex wall paint for the best sheen and chose a color that will look great with your mural. If you are not putting on a fresh coat of paint, make sure the wall surface is completely clean to ensure the best adhesion. Use a product specially formulated for cleaning walls for best results.

Choose the Right Paint

You may read elsewhere that oil-based paints are the way to go when painting wall murals. If you are a professional muralist, that statement is probably true. However, if you’re just an average homeowner that wants to do something creative and original with your home, acrylic paints are actually your best option. Acrylic paints are quick drying and water soluble. They are very similar to latex wall paints, but can be purchased in smaller sizes. You can find

Guide to Fence Building

There are a lot of reasons one might have to build the fence, and these considerations control the decision as to what type of fence to build and the materials that will be used in its construction. Privacy is a prime consideration, and usually leads to a desire for a high and forbidding type of material selection. It is important to control this a bit. You do not want to spoil any possible views by making the fence too high.

It is also true that thieves are not very fond of fences and the presence of a fence can protect you from unwanted access to your property, but when a fence is too high it provides a sanctuary for them. Once they are inside the fence, they are shielded from view.

When the major purpose for the fence is to provide a pen for a pet, and privacy is not a major concern, this would suggest a smaller and more open type of fencing. Chain link would get the nod here. It might also be possible that the fence has a limited purpose beyond the closing in of the entire property. A fence around a garden

Tuscan Kitchen Decorating

The walls in a Tuscan kitchen have a unique, old-world look. You can achieve this using a faux painting technique. First, you paint the walls a bright base color such as butterscotch or butter yellow. Then, sponge on a deeper shade so that the walls look as though they have faded in some spots. There are many books and Internet sites that can give you step-by-step directions on this method of applying paint, as well as product suggestions. If you want to go the extra mile, you can texturize your walls using joint compound mixed with paint. “Pouncing” the mixture onto the walls creates a colored, rustic roughness characteristic of an authentic country kitchen in Tuscany.

The next places to paint are cabinet doors. Use a strong, contrasting color to really give your Tuscan county kitchen character. Deep reds and bright forest greens are especially popular on cupboard doors. While you’re out looking for just the right shade of paint, spend some time in the hardware section of your home improvement store. This is where you’ll find the pulls and handles to add the finishing touch to your Tuscan cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Heavy, burnished metal

Installing New Showerhead

he first step is to decide what type of shower head you want to replace. While most shower fixtures connect to a standard size pipe thread, you must make sure you have enough clearance for your new showerhead. If the stem (the portion of the pipe from the wall to the existing shower head) is short or close to the ceiling you will want to check before purchasing a large fixture.

The Tools You Need – For this project, you will need a wrench or pliers and some teflon tape. Depending upon the age of your existing fixture, you may also need to have a pipe wrench on hand as well. You may also want to have something available protect your fixture from the jaws of the wrench or pliers (a folded rag or piece of rubber from an inner tube work well)

Remove the Old Showerhead – If you have an older unit you probably have some rust, oxidation, or lime buildup that may make removal difficult. If the fixture does not readily unscrew, use two sets of pliers/wrenches (with the jaws of each protected as indicated above), one set on the stem and the other on

Building Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen plans can easily be found online, or if you prefer you may visit your local hardware store
to purchase plans. When you are looking at plans, be sure to get a cost estimate for the completed project
and add 10% to that estimate to cover any incidentals. Also keep in mind that an outdoor kitchen will definitely add value to your home. So while you want to be careful about how much you are spending, you also need to keep in mind that you are adding value to your property by building an outdoor kitchen.

After choosing a plan you can save some money by being careful where you purchase your supplies. If you are building a brick or a stone outdoor kitchen, it would be worthwhile to check with a local building supply company for any discontinued or “extra” materials they may want to get rid of at low cost. For example, I’ve known people who got stone at ½ price because the wrong color was ordered for a job, so the company wanted to get rid of it and sold it cheap. These are the types of deals you can look for. If

Aluminum Railings

You may not require very many tools. You require some skill in cutting and fixing screws. The tools you would require for are

Tools Needed:

  • Circular saw
  • Wood worker’s Clamps
  • Hand saw
  • Rough files 8″ long
  • Power drill and drill bits of 1/8″ 3/16″ & ¼” diameter
  • 3/8″ Hex head driver
  • Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Chalk
  • Twine thread
  • Hammer
  • Scriber for marking aluminum
  • Safety goggles
  • Hand gloves and
  • Mask.

The materials required for are

  • Aluminum formed sections 2X4 “and 4×4”
  • Wooden Inserts
  • 3/8″ Hex heads
  • Bottom posts
  • Aluminum cleats

While making aluminum railings please refer to the local building codes and select the material that is allowed in the local codes. Not doing so may cause problems later on. So please be careful. If the design is to be approved by the local builders association or architect, get the approval before starting.

Please prepare design for your aluminum railings. The sketches will help you in firming up the material requirement. This way you will not make any purchases that you do not require. Even if the dealer is ready to take back the unused material, the dealer will not pay for transportation of material back to store and may have some deduction for the returned material.

The method of making

Kitchen Countertop

The Frontage, the central part of the countertop, is the working area of the kitchen. It is here where we perform mostly the various tasks, such as kneading and chopping. Moreover, it is the surface which absorbs the constant use and abuse of daily meal preparations.

During layout and design, it is important to note that a depth of at least 0.60 meters is required for the countertop’s frontage to function efficiently. This figure ensures, too, that there is a sufficient area to work on while allowing enough space to accommodate the sink, the stove top, and some other small kitchen accessories.

A countertop can either be a continuous space or a connection of two or more slabs joined at angled corners. Often, kitchens with an “L-shaped” or a “U-shaped” layout require seams to accommodate the size of the countertop. Alternatively, you may also consider using gangsaw slabs (slabs which have a depth of more than a meter) to minimize the number of seams.

A Backsplash is a vertical panel installed above the frontage of a countertop. It has three essential functions. First, it serves to protect the wall from splatters and blocks spills and

Copper Sink

Chemical cleaners are a thing of the past when it comes to copper sinks, they do not require harsh cleaning and with care its beauty will last a lifetime. Another positive aspect of copper sinks is that unlike many other types of sinks, these tend to grow in beauty over time. With age, the copper sink will change its color, however, if you do not want the color to change, you can simply use a furniture or brass wax to prevent it. Copper sinks makes things a whole lot easier on your life.

Another great aspect of the copper sink is that it is overall cleaner and more sanitary than other material types. Copper is a natural elemental that contains antibacterial benefits, therefore bacteria and other harmful substances cannot hope to survive on copper. In a study performed on, stainless steel and copper, it was shown that copper is extremely sanitary by comparison. Thanks to the antibacterial benefits of copper, a bacterium that is found on the copper will not live any longer than one to two hours.

When purchasing a copper sink you will want to look for a few specific things. Make sure you

Some Benefits Hardwood Flooring

It is very easy these days to install a hardwood floor yourself, even if you are inexperienced, because of the way the pieces are designed. You can save a lot of money on contractors and professional fitters. The wood comes in interlocking pieces. You have to snap these together to create a floating floor. That is all there is to it. It is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, only on a larger scale.

Before you invest in the hardwood, it is wise to think about other associated costs. You might need to buy some basic equipment to help you install the floor. Remember that a hardwood floor which is not varnished properly or level can lower the value of your house, so be sure you know what you are doing before you begin. If you have any doubts, a professional contractor might be a good idea and will be time saving. A professional contractor will charge several thousand dollars for his work and you might have to wait before the work begins.

Nearly everyone is capable of installing their own hardwood flooring because of how the do-it-yourself installation method has evolved and become far simpler.

Working on Plaster Walls

1. When hanging a picture frame from a hook with a nail in it, first tape a large
piece of masking tape over the area where you will drive the nail. This will help
prevent chip-out. Once the nail is in place, remove the tape.

2. Another way to insert a wall hanger for a picture frame is to drill a small pilot
hole for the nail. The pilot hole need not be deep. Just deep enough to penetrate the
topcoat of plaster. If you see brown dust coming from the drill bit, you are through
the topcoat and into the brown coat.

3. To drive a screw through plaster, always drill a pilot hole!

4. Never use a drywall screw in plaster to hold anything! Even though it may seem
that the plaster is holding it in place, you risk tearing out a large chunk of plaster
should you find a weak spot. Always screw through the plaster and into the studs.

5. When screwing through plaster and into the wall studs, make sure you are into
the wall studs and not the wood lath that holds the plaster on the wall! Pulling

Powell Furniture

First established in 1968, the Powell furniture company has grown to become the country’s leader of home accent furniture. In fact, Powell furniture can be found in 95% of the top 100 furniture retailers’ showrooms.

Powell furniture’s commitment to the stay in pace with the changing lifestyles of customers and continued commitment to customer satisfaction has led to the development of new and innovative products to meet the desire and needs of every customer.

Whether your home is grand and formal or a small country cottage, you are guaranteed to find Powell furnishing that will turn your everyday kitchen into your own little piece of heaven.
Spice up your kitchen with Powell bakers racks, kitchen islands, wine cabinets, dining tables and pot racks. Turn that everyday kitchen into the favorite room of the house.

Some of the best selling gourmet Powell kitchen furnishings include styles from all over the spectrum. For instance, the Sierra baker’s rack with hutch is one of Powell furniture’s top sellers. This honey finished rack features beautiful, elegant metalwork finished with a bronze leather glaze, a wine rack, shelves and drawer and cabinet space. It even comes equipped with a special

Bathroom Plumbing

A budget of $4000 wouldn’t be unrealistic. Here’s a rough list of what you might need to buy. Realize that the investment of $4000 is going to increase the value of your home substantially more.

Shower kit and door $800

Tub $450

Shower faucet $200

Vanity & Top $800

Faucet for Vanity $100

Toilet $200

Water Resistant Drywall $50

Floor Tile $200

Grout $20

Pre-hung door $80

Light Fixture $100

Mirror $100

Paint and Wallpaper $100

Rough Plumbing $800

Total $4000

If you are going to need some serious movement of existing sewer and water lines then you’ll need to hire a plumber and that will be an additional cost however if all the new pieces are going in the same place as the old ones lived you should be able to avert this cost. It’s very room dependent.

When it comes to starting your project safety needs to come first. That means you need to take all the precautions – wearing gloves, goggles for your eyes, a mask, or any other safety equipment that is necessary. Now lets get started:

Driftwood for Aquarium

Aquarium Salt, I use Doc Wellfish brand. This is used as a natural way of killing bacteria and parasites.

First step, clean off your wood! Make sure all debris and bark are removed from the wood (or it’ll fall off in your tank!). Once complete, boil the water in the BIG pot and add aquarium salt. I use about a tablespoon per gallon. Boil the entire piece for about 2-4 hours depending on your size. If you can only fit half the wood in the pot then you will need to boil the other half.

Once the boil is complete you can transfer your wood into the rubber maid container. Add water until the whole piece of wood is under water (you can also add salt if you want). If the wood does not sink place something on top of it until it does. It’ll sink after a week or two. You’ll notice the water turn into tea-ish color. It is the result of the tannins that are released into the water. If you didn’t soak the wood, the water in your tank would be this color. Tannins are natural and some fishes actually like it