Panic in JFK Airport After Ringing ...

About hundreds of flight passengers were evacuated from the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York after several gunshots were heard inside the facility....

Theresa May Vows to Fight ‘Ev...

UK Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled from her research during her term as Home Secretary for the Home Office that about 10,000 to 13,000 victims of ...

Turkish Authorities Hunt For Coup P...

  A failed coup d'etat by Turkish military forces see a continued crackdown in Turkey under the orders of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdog...

Antarctic Ozone Hole is ‘Heal...

According to researchers, the Ozone Layer's 'hole' is finally healing after decades of chemicals penetrating and 'thinning out' the protective layer b...

Panic in JFK Airport After Ringing Gunshots

About hundreds of flight passengers were evacuated from the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York after several gunshots were heard inside the facility. The police evacuated Terminal 8 around 930 PM local time after it had received reports of shots fired near the departures area.

New York Police Department officers rushed to the scene. According to Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Department Police Spokesman Joe Pentangelo, no firearm, rounds or shell casings or other evidence of shots fired had been found.

Other Terminals were also shut down after reports of gunshots in the area. Passengers posted pictures and videos on Twitter with people gathering outside the terminals.

However, no one was injured during the care as there was no stampede. People had exited the facilities in an orderly fashion.

Theresa May Vows to Fight ‘Evil’ of Modern Slavery

UK Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled from her research during her term as Home Secretary for the Home Office that about 10,000 to 13,000 victims of modern slavery can be found in the United Kingdom alone. Meanwhile, about 45m victims overseas suffer from the hands of their slavers.

Victims are often forced into sexual abuses, forced into prostitution, imprisoned inside the homes of their slavers or even in their factories, fishing boats or even fields.

Mrs May even said that nail bars and car washes have slaves “hidden in plain sight.”

Mrs May said: “From nail bars and car washes to sheds and rundown caravans, people are enduring experiences that are simply horrifying in their inhumanity.

“Vulnerable people who have travelled long distances, believing they were heading for legitimate jobs, are finding they have been duped, forced into hard labour, and then locked up and abused.

“Innocent individuals are being tricked into prostitution, often by people they thought they could trust. Children are being made to pick-pocket on the streets and steal from cash machines.”

Mrs May said the first government taskforce on modern slavery would see ministers “get a real grip of this issue right across Whitehall and co-ordinate and drive further progress in the battle against this cruel exploitation”.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary will also be asked to carry out an investigation to make sure that all police forces in England and Wales “treat this crime with the priority it deserves”.

“[The government] must work collaboratively with law enforcement agencies across the world, to track and stop these pernicious gangs who operate across borders and jurisdictions,” Mrs May said.

She added: “These crimes must be stopped and the victims of modern slavery must go free…

Turkish Authorities Hunt For Coup Plotters


A failed coup d’etat by Turkish military forces see a continued crackdown in Turkey under the orders of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Mr Erdogan vowed to bring those behind the coup to justice.

Large crowds heed the call of the President as they filled the streets.

Hundreds of soldiers were arrested. Hundreds of judiciary members were also removed. The death toll in Turkey’s deadliest coup has seen 290 people dead. About 1,400 people were injured in the Friday coup attempt.

In total, 6,000 people were detained in suspicion of supporting the coup and the arrests will continue. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildrim said those who plotted the coup would “pay a heavy price”.

Among those arrested were Incirlik Air Base Commander General Bekir Ercan Van. The military commander’s base works with the United States during skirmishes against the Islamic State

Colonel Ali Yazici is also subject to detention. An order has been handed out. The Senior Military aide had taken orders directly from Mr Erdogan.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had deported eight Turkish soldiers who had flown to Alexandroupoli in Greece after the failed coup attempt.

“It is not anything ordinary that my young brothers lay under tank pellets; this is a manifest of faith,” Erdogan said.

He also said he did not rule out bringing back the death penalty for the coup’s perpetrators.

As the crowd chanted “we want the death penalty,” he said, “we can’t ignore the people’s request in a democracy — this is your right.”

“This right has to be evaluated by the appropriate authorities according to the constitution and a decision can be made,” Erdogan said in the address broadcast live on TV.

He asked supporters to stay on guard.

“You should fill the squares. This isn’t a 12-hour operation. We will continue determinedly.”

Antarctic Ozone Hole is ‘Healing’

According to researchers, the Ozone Layer’s ‘hole’ is finally healing after decades of chemicals penetrating and ‘thinning out’ the protective layer blocking out ultraviolet radiation.

As the world warms, CFCs and extreme cold in Antarctica that once destroyed the Ozone layer is helping it heal.

Professor Susan Solomon first showed the declining situation of the Ozone Layer in 1986. She proved that molecules containing bromine and chlorine from chloroflourocarbons or CFCs from aerosols, refrigerators and air-conditioning units are damaging the protective layer.

Decades further, the Montreal Protocol’s ban on CFCs have taken effect. Professor Solomon and her colleagues had carried out detailed measurements to the amount of ozone in the stratosphere between 2000 and 2015.

Information from weather balloons, satellites and model simulations showed the layer had begun to thicken with the reduction of atmospheric chlorine.

“Even though we phased out the production of CFCs in all countries including India and China around the year 2000, there’s still a lot of chlorine left in the atmosphere,” Prof Solomon said.

“It has a lifetime of about 50-100 years, so it is starting to slowly decay and the ozone will slowly recover.

“We don’t expect to see a complete recovery until about 2050 or 2060 but we are starting to see that in September the ozone hole is not as bad as it used to be.”

Omar Mateen Was A Pulse Regular.

Kevin West, a Pulse regular customer, said the Orlando club shooter Omar S. Mateen was a regular in the club. He said the shooter once chatted with him on a gay chat application.

Other clubgoers also said the man used multiple applications intended for LGBTs to hook up with common acquaintances.

Mateen is the primary shooter at the Orlando gay club Pulse where he killed 49 people and injured 53 more. It was declared the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

According to FBI Chief James Comey, the bureau believes Mateen “is strongly radicalised” by accessing illegal online extremist propaganda. Reports claim that Mateen had sworn allegiance to the IS Terrorist Group before he began his attack.

“So far, we see no indication that this was a plot directed from outside the United States and we see no indication that he was part of any kind of network,” Mr Comey told reporters in Washington. “We’re highly confident this killer was radicalised at least in some part through the internet.”

Mateen worked for G4S, the world’s biggest security and guard company worldwide. He was a regular employee until his death at the hands of security forces in the nightclub. He was working in a gated retirement community before his death.

UK Brexit Could Mean Two More Years of Austerity

In two more years, Britons could pay from £20bn to £40bn yearly because of an additional two-year austerity should it move to vote outside the European Union.

According to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), the UK could lose such amounts should it hit GDP rates from 2.1 to 3.5 per cent lower during the transition period.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies said Britons must expect deeper cuts to welfare and benefits. IFS Director and report author Paul Johnson said budget balancing during the first years of British independence from Europe would mean an additional one to two years of austerity against Britons.

He did acknowledge in his report that the UK could receive an estimated £8 billion yearly to its economy to help shore up its finances if voted for Brexit. But that is not enough as the UK economy could see a national income offset by 0.6 per cent.

Johnson added:

“If the economy is just a few percentage points smaller than it otherwise would have been, we will be a bit worse off.”

The UK “could perfectly reasonably decide that we are willing to pay a bit of a price for leaving the EU and regaining some sovereignty and control over immigration and so on”, Mr Johnson said.

“That there would be some price though, I think is now almost beyond doubt.”

British Airways Could Start Charging Food For Short Flights

British Airways prides itself with its free in-flight catering. It is an essential part of their brand.

However, that brand might change that appeal in the next few years.

Decades of free food and drink to every passenger going on short-haul flights might end soon. Airline sources suggest that Chairman and Chief Executive of British Airways Alex Cruz might outsource their in-flight catering to Waitrose.

Waitrose, a premium catering service, could supply high quality food and drink at higher, premium prices.

This would turn its in-flight catering into a revenue stream. This would allow British Airways to offer lower headline fares, a wise choice.

But it breaks tradition.

British Airways hopes to capitalise on its short-haul flights. This has become a problem for British Airways as it competes against Ryanair and EasyJet, two short-haul airlines that grab revenue from BA’s own.

The small pack of snacks for shorter flights could mean additional costs for consumers but in exchange for lower airfare.

But experts suggest that low-cost airlines would receive great fanfare for better food at higher prices from passengers. Flybe offers Food Doctor pots of couscous and lentils for £3, while easyJet sells hot focaccia sandwiches for £4.50. Airport retailers such as Boots, M&S and Pret A Manger have also increased the range and quality of food to take on board.

Elon Musk Has An AI Gym

Trekking into the realm of artificial intelligence has been condemned by the world’s most prominent intellectuals, including renowned physicist Stephen Hawking.

But Elon Musk, the tycoon who had brought an efficient electric car and exploring the possibility of cheaper travel methods for space exploration through his companies Tesla and SpaceX, has his own AI “gym” called OpenAI.

OpenAI is a “gym” for computer programmers to help train their robots. Developers then share their findings on artificial intelligence systems as they find successes.

The “gym” is a non-profit drive by Elon Musk. Recognizing the dangers of un-monitored and destructive potential presented by wrongly-implemented artificial intelligence, Musk decided to open his “gym” to help innovators find themselves towards the proper path for artificial intelligence.

Musk does not condemn artificial intelligence according to Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy.

“The irony is that Musk needs much-improved AI to make his businesses automated. He doesn’t hate AI. He just thinks it should be controlled before it gets too powerful and the machines turn on humans.”

OpenAI is a series of labs for artificial intelligence algorithms testing for the non-profit’s own research database. The exercises include robot simulations, games, developing motor control and decision making skills of the artificial intelligence.

“Long-term, we want this curation to be a community effort rather than something owned by us,” Greg Brockman and John Schulman wrote in an OpenAI blog post. “We’ll necessarily have to figure out the details over time, and we’d would love your help in doing so.”

Leaving EU Would Leave Environment At Heavy Risk

According to the Chair of the Environmental Audit Select Committee Mary Creagh, the UK’s legal bounds for environmental protection would shatter once it leaves the European Union.

Creagh said the EU-wide environmental cleanup in the past four decades would create a policy vacuum. It would also end influence over other green regulations.

The UK still has to address its ever-growing carbon footprint. EU environmental regulations allowed it to cap its toxic pollutants, which had caused acid rain, industrial pollution, poor air quality, contaminated land and sewage-filled beaches. This was strictly followed by previous UK governments.

An exit would mean the UK can return to its former act.

“The UK has cleaned up its act: EU laws mean we bathe on cleaner beaches, drive more fuel-efficient cars and can hold the government to account on air pollution. The overwhelming evidence is that EU membership has improved the UK’s approach to the environment and ensured that the UK’s environment has been better protected.”

The National Farmers’ Union has positioned itself to remain in the United Kingdom. It made a stance after the Electoral Commission required the union to take a view. The NFU states that its position is due to its report where it found the exit from the EU would mean lost subsidies for many UK farmers.

According to several high-ranking environmental officials, the Uk’s position in international climate change negotiations would put the UK’s negotiating hand at risk. The EU membership allows the UK more influence climate commitments for all EU members but also to far-reaching areas in China and the United States.

The One Possible Cure For Cancer And Other Ailments Is Now

The possible cure for cancer might not be a drug.

It could be a computer code.

Researchers at MIT proved that ‘hacking’ or re-programming cells to carry out new tasks is possible.

Using a programming language based on Verilog. The latter is used to program computer chips.

The researchers then create a DNA sequence that allows them to insert it into the bacteria.

This allows them to alter the DNA code and the function of the bacteria.

Possible long-term applications for the program may include cells releasing anti-cancer drugs upon encountering a tumour or infected cell.

Another application can be for plants to use insecticide when pests come near.

The ground-breaking research, published in the Science journal, is the biggest contribution to the 15 years bioengineers had tried to re-purpose bacteria, cells and viruses to help cure ailments and provide different functions.

According to Professor Christopher Voigt of Biological Engineering in MIT, one needs no special knowledge of genetic engineering. However, they would need knowledge of some programming.

You could be completely naive as to how any of it works. That’s what’s really different about this,” added Prof Voigt .

“You could be a student in high school and go onto the Web-based server and type out the program you want, and it spits back the DNA sequence.

“Unit now it would take years to build these types of circuits. Now you just hit the button and immediately get a DNA sequence to test.”