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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Remodeling the Home of My Childhood Dreams

The first few days of home remodeling look like so fun when you watch those home makeover shows on television.  I love the way the wife usually shows up for demo day, ready to tear out the outdated cabinets and shelves with her little hard hat on.  When she starts out with a timid swing, I know that by the end of the segment, she’ll be a beast at it and end up being the first to tear through the wall.  When my turn came to walk into my own home for the first time, I was thrilled.  I also had the worse cramps, in part because of stress associated with being a new home owner.  Waiting through a prolonged closing is not easy, but once those keys hit my hand, I couldn’t get over to my new address fast enough.

I spent hours walking through the halls and rooms of my late 19th century Victorian era house with the Queen Anne cupola on top.  I’d loved it ever since I was a kid and passed it on the way to school each day.  The old couple who lived there used to show me pictures of how the neighborhood looked when their parents first moved in.  It was odd to see just one or two houses standing along the street, which wasn’t much more than a wide graveled road.  There was even a cow in the yard in one photo.  I took piano lessons from their daughter, so I was well acquainted with the first floor, but had never been invited upstairs, not until many decades later when the house was empty, and the original occupants were long gone to Glory.

I had so much fun swinging that hammer in the outdated kitchen, that it didn’t dawn on me until a few hours later, that I was tired, and my muscles were sore, but the cramping was not as intense as when I first arrived.  It’s true that exercise brings relief from cramps.  As my children scampered about claiming their bedrooms, play areas and exploring the old outbuildings on the premises, I claimed my spot by plunking down my package of U by Kotex in the master bathroom.  Saving for a purchase like this taught me how to scrimp on every item I buy and I was glad to find a u by kotexcoupon on the Groupon site this month.  I’ve been a loyal user of Kotex products since the first time my mother sat me down and explained the incredible story of life, and why I’d need my own package one day.  In a few years, it will be my turn to have that talk with my daughter.