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Building Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen plans can easily be found online, or if you prefer you may visit your local hardware store
to purchase plans. When you are looking at plans, be sure to get a cost estimate for the completed project
and add 10% to that estimate to cover any incidentals. Also keep in mind that an outdoor kitchen will definitely add value to your home. So while you want to be careful about how much you are spending, you also need to keep in mind that you are adding value to your property by building an outdoor kitchen.

After choosing a plan you can save some money by being careful where you purchase your supplies. If you are building a brick or a stone outdoor kitchen, it would be worthwhile to check with a local building supply company for any discontinued or “extra” materials they may want to get rid of at low cost. For example, I’ve known people who got stone at ½ price because the wrong color was ordered for a job, so the company wanted to get rid of it and sold it cheap. These are the types of deals you can look for. If you are a real planner, you can start designing at the end of the summer to build next summer. That way you have plenty of time to look for deals.

Before you go running off to buy your supplies, you should map out, in your yard, exactly where the outdoor kitchen will be located. Do this BEFORE your purchase any supplies so you will know that you will be happy with the size and placement of the kitchen. You will also want to do this so you will not be surprised by an obstacles in the middle of building that may add cost to the project.

After choosing the plan getting a cost estimate and mapping out the kitchen, you can start to purchase supplies. All this time there is no need to purchase cabinets or appliances. Build the outdoor kitchen
first, then you add the furnishing.